21 Feb 2012


I am not an anonymous internet user.  It's me!  I'm Peter Falconer, and you can see that from all over this website.

I teach singing and piano to - including other people - minors, and I also want people to like me so that they might come to my gigs/listen to my music/give me a publishing deal.

Therefore, everything I say has to be carefully thought out.  If I have a rant about something personal, will it come across as whining self-indulgence?  If I make a comment about another musician, will that look like sour grapes from a chippy bastard who's difficult to work with?  And since I don't want to align myself with any particular political movement, least of all ones with which musicians and artists are expected to align themselves, any comment on politics or current affairs is fraught with danger.

I've nearly written about a dozen posts so far, and deleted them all for fear of offending somebody!

Fuck it!

from xkcd.com

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