5 Apr 2012

Papa's Got A Brand New Bass!

I've been after a fretless bass for a while now, but unfortunately there are too many things on the go right now for me to justify the expense.

However, when browsing in a second hand guitar shop today, I came across a real bargain.  A bass guitar that actually sounds pretty decent - Seymour Duncan pickups and good intonation - but which, due to its, er, unique appearance the shopkeeper had been unable to sell in the four years it was in his shop. 

And here, ladies and gentlemen, it is:

Daisy Rock Bass

Yes, that's right: I've bought a Daisy Rock bass.

Daisy Rock still make flower-, heart- star- and butterfly-shaped guitars, but they appear to be trying to move away from those and push the more conventional bodies on their catalogue.  I can't for the life of me think why... 

So this is the bass I picked up for a criminal £100.  I intend to convert it into the world's first Daisy Rock fretless, using my own two hands, some pliers, a soldering iron and some wood filler.  Watch this space, folks!
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