29 Jun 2012

How to choose your wedding first dance song

The dress, the venue, the catering, and the band are all sorted... but now as if you didn't have enough decisions to make, you've got to choose the song you'll be dancing to for the first time as the happy couple!

Some people are lucky in that they've a very clear idea of what they want to dance to on the day - they've had it in their head since they first decided to tie the knot, so choosing a first dance song is a piece of (tiered) cake.  But it's not unusual to feel at bit of a loss - especially if dancing isn't your thing...

It's not for everyone.

But don't despair!  Here are a handful of tips to help you decide on the Perfect First Dance Song for your wedding. Read on!

First, Forget your Feet

Don't worry about your dancing ability just yet.  The first thing you should do is think about the kind of atmosphere you want for your first dance.  Do you want something Slow and Smoochy, something Fast and Fun or something in between?

Slow And Smoochy Dance: The Slow Wobble

If you're not too sure on your feet, this is a great option.  The guests will go all dewy-eyed watching you there together, and as there's not too much movement going on they'll be able to get plenty of photos.  And they'll especially love it if you punctuate it with the occasional twirl from the bride.  It's also one of the few times in the whole evening you'll be able to have a (relatively) private conversation between the two of you!

Dancing cheek to cheek...

So what song to choose for this?  Obviously, it's going to be a ballad of some sort.  Some popular tracks I've played/heard at weddings recently have been:

A word of warning, however: some of these songs might feel a bit long.  You don't want to spoil a beautiful three minutes of bride & groom loveliness with an extra two-and-a-half minutes of uncomfortable shuffling and a restless crowd.  The more traditionally-minded might like to break things up by starting the dance with the bride & her father, with the groom taking over from the father after a minute or so.  It's probably best, after a couple of verses and choruses, to invite the guests to dance on the floor as well, of course.  Alternatively, you could always edit the song down yourself using a simple audio editor such as Audacity.

Burn This Disco Out: The Fast Dance!

Some would say the faster dance is more suitable for those who are a little more comfortable on the dance floor, but if you're after more of a party atmosphere, then it doesn't matter if all you can do is stomp about like a nut - the important thing is that you're having fun!  And of course, if you start to feel a little exposed, you can always invite the other guests onto the floor with you.

You've got it, and you're gonna flaunt it!

Here are a few examples:

And that's not all!

Depending on what's important to you on the big day, you might be inclined to put a little more work into the dance itself.  It's quite common these days for couples to take a few dance lessons, or even employ the services of a First Dance Choreographer.  Just do a quick Google search for ones in your area, but if you're in the South East and fancy something with a bit of Swing, I can heartily recommend Swingland, who specialise in Jive, Lindy Hop, Charleston and other similar styles.

Me and the the missus doing the Charleston

Or something really different...

One of the best wedding first dances I ever heard about was by a young couple who ditched the whole thing and got all the guests up for a massive round of The Hokey Cokey!

But of course, the really important thing is that you pick a song that means something to you, so that whenever you hear it, you smile and look at each other with that gooey look in your eyes - and whether that's "How Deep Is Your Love" or "Highway To The Dangerzone" is nobody's business but yours!


Meowchies Hideout said...

Nice collection of wedding songs! ♥ I could add these to my very own favorites =) Thank you!

Peter said...

Thanks, MH!

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