21 Feb 2014

Weekly or Fortnightly lessons?

Most of my students come for weekly, hour-long lessons.  However, I'm often asked by potential students who are a bit short on either cash or time if half hour lessons would suffice, or if fortnightly lessons might be better.

Except with very young children (up to, say, seven years old) I would always recommend hour-long lessons.  At that age, even if they may not currently be capable of concentrating for 60 minutes, learning the self-discipline to be able to concentrate for an extended period of time is part of becoming a better musician - and it's a skill they can apply to everything they do.

And to the weekly/fortnightly question I always give the same answer:

I would rather have a fortnightly student who practised every day than a weekly student who didn't.

In other words, what you do away from the lesson is every bit as - if not more - important than what you do in the lesson.  I can't make you into a better musician; but I can show you how you can make yourself into a better musician. 
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