29 May 2015

1W1P - w/o 25th May 2015

One Week One Playlist

Waiting For Love - Avicii
More ghastly pentatonic yelling from the Scandinavian wunderkind.

L$D - A$AP Rocky
Get past the adolescent lyric and there are some really interesting production ideas that caught me off guard.

Leon Bridges
Classic 60s soul voice - I'd love to hear him collaborating with Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings. Drum pattern made my eye twitch, mind...

Pstereo - Emilie Nicholas
This song's about 2 years old now.  I wouldn't have liked it in 2013 either.

Love Me So - Stereo Kicks
Drop your prejudices: yes, they're a boyband; yes, they're X-Factor alumni; but get past that and just listen to the song.  No, it's still rubbish.

Ready For The Fight - Port Isla
Sounds like something Chris Martin wrote while he was on the toilet, then sent it to Avicii for a second draft.  Awful.

State of Mind - Ady Suleiman
Really not my thing at all, but if it is your your thing it's very good.

Carry Her Home - Saint Raymond
Like Ady Suleiman, Saint Raymond (Callum Burrows) is from Nottingham. Unlike Ady Suleiman, this track has absolutely nothing to recommend it. Oozes smugness from every cynical pore.

Like Acid Rain - Unknown Mortal Orchestra
The first track on this week's playlist to make me want to listen to more of that artist.  They're a bit Beatles-y, which is always good, and a bit Sly Stone-y, which is similarly ace.  Occasionally a bit too Jamiroquai-y for my liking... but I quite like this one. And it's only 2 minutes long!

21 - Hunter Hayes
There's some really great country music around. There's some bloody awful country music around. This is neither. Meh.

Yoga - Janelle Monáe & Jidenna
Does nothing for me, but it's refreshing to hear a female singer in this genre that isn't trying to sound like Beyoncé or Rihanna. Also gets bonus points for the line, "You can not police me, so get off my areola!"

Delilah - Florence + The Machine
I don't get it. Do you get it? Why's she always yelling at me? 
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