16 Jun 2015

1W1P - w/o 15th June 2015

Dreams - Beck
One of those artists I've always meant to investigate further... and this track is a cracker.  It's a bit like Fenech Soler or Friendly Fires, but a zillion times better than either of them.  Zillion's a proper number, right?  And that breakdown at the 3 minute mark is a brave move!

Sun Is Shining - Axwell
The Scandinavians produce some great music. This isn't great music. This is more tedious dancefloor fodder designed to get lots of people in the same place to spend money on beer.

Diamond - Izzy Bizu
She can sing and it's a canny song. Nothing that'll set the world on fire, though, and unless she pulls something really special out of the bag she'll soon be replaced by the next music college alumnus with a pretty face and a quirky name.

Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd
Better than The Hills (reviewed at the beginning of this month)... and there there some cool ideas in between the Michael Jackson impressions.  This guy's either going to fade away to nothing or do something awesome.

Scud Books - Hudson Mohawke
I like it, but... er... 1W1P - w/o 8th June 2015

She's a Witch - Gengahr
And another North London band fronted by a bloke with a terrifyingly middle-class name crops up and does something completely forgettable. They'll do well.

Pages of Gold - Flo Morrissey
Sometimes she'll do something interesting with a melody, but it's just so unbearably self-satisfied it make me want to run away and listen to Joni instead.  I kind of wish I liked it, but I just... don't.  Mind you, there are better tracks than this on her debut album, Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful, so maybe I'll re-think in a few months.

Cry No More - Vaults
It's kind a cross between Lana Del Rey and Florence And The Machine, but with a much better singer. This doesn't do it for me, but there are enough intriguing ideas in it to send me investigating their other stuff... which so far sounds largely the same, which is a shame.

Real Joy - Fono
This sounds quaintly old-fashioned now!  Don't know why, but it reminds me a bit of The Creeps (Camille Jones and Fedde Le Grand)... which is a better track, now I think of it. Listen to that instead.

History of Touches (Krampfhaft Remix) Björk
She's always going to do something worth listening to, is Björk.  A wonderfully intelligent, imaginative and fearless artist, I don't think she'll ever top 1997's Homogenic, but this enchantingly personal, vulnerable and mundane track wouldn't have sounded out of place on that record.  The album version is also lovely - check it out!

Something Like Happiness - The Maccabees
It's almost not horrible, this one.  And then that crappy horn section comes in half way through and you just want it to end. You want it all to end.

Intoxicated - Martin Solveig, GTA
Well this week we started with a belter of a track, and we finish with more or less the exact opposite.  It's like something Calvin Harris sneezed. 

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