13 Jun 2015

1W1P - w/o 8th June 2015

One Week One Playlist
Peter Falconer, musician and idiot.

Dead Inside - Muse
Last week's playlist included the track Reapers from Muse's new album, Drones, which I rather liked. This sounds like My Chemical Romance doing a bad Muse impression.  I can't imagine even Muse fans will like this one.

Brown Sugar (Remastered) - The Rolling Stones
Bit of sacred cow slaying here, but I don't think the Stones were good enough musicians or songwriters to turn out consistently good material, but occasionally they struck gold. This excellent 1971 track has been ripped off more times than you can count - and speaking of being ripped off, you can now buy Sticky Fingers again in remastered form!

Scud Books - Hudson Mowhawke
Glaswegian Electronic artist Hudson Mowhawke's first album (Butter, 2009) was a fun mix of triumphant hands-in-the-air club tracks and clever silliness.  In a way, like a slightly less chart-friendly Basement Jaxx.  This is a bit more hip-hoppish (you can imagine Kanye West or someone similar ruining it with some moronic drivel over the top) but no less enjoyable.

Ain't Got No... - Tove Styrke
Styrke has been compared to Robyn and Annie in the past, but apart from being from Scandinavia, slightly electronic-ish and able to sing in tune, for me that's where the comparisons end. This just makes me want to listen to Robyn or Annie instead and turn this off.

Head Above The Water - Palace
The vocals aren't my thing at all, but the production and playing style are really quite nice. There's a real feel of early-mid 70's Island Records acts about it that I like.

Low Season - Ritual
Laid back indie-electronica... Even with the remarkably ordinary vocal performance, I do like this one. Not afraid to just wallow in its own atmosphere and let other noises drift in and out.  Very nice.

Fire Under My Feet - Leona Lewis
Poor Leona.  Easily the best singer ever to come out of the Popstars/Pop Idol/Fame Academy/X Factor/Britain Must Be Stopped reality show circus, she's been shunted from one hit-making producer/songwriter to another.  I'd love to hear her do something completely different for once, but instead she's yelling this Toby Gad track. Nothing at all wrong with wanting to pay the bills, but isn't she bored of this shit yet?

I Of The Storm - Of Monsters And Men
vi - IV - I - V.  It's the favourite chord sequence of the neo-folk scene.  And it has been for years.  Of Monsters And Men play with the formula here by omitting the final V, and can somebody please turn this crap off before I put my foot through the monitor and send Spotify the bill?  Dreary crap.

Never Let You Go - Rudimental feat. Foy Vance
Blimey, it's been a while since I've heard any Drum and Bass, if I'm honest!  Arrangement's pretty good, but I wish they'd either had a more interesting vocal line or just had the balls to leave the vocals out altogether.

Believer - DJ Fresh, Adam F
These DnB DJs are like buses, aren't they? Here come another two!  Rather old-fashioned, this one.  The closest I ever got to enjoying DnB and jungle when it was first popular was being slightly into Prodigy and - of course - the Bowie album Earthling.  This definitely reminds me of that era, anyway.  Maybe that's why I prefer it to the Rudimental track.  Either way, it sounds like a likeable curiosity from a bygone age, not anything that's going to set the world on fire now.

Powerful - Major Lazer, Tarrus Riley, Ellie Goulding
I liked the Major Lazer track from last week (Lean On) and I'm finding this one rather intriguing, too.  I just wish they'd used someone other than Ellie Goulding on it.  A great mishmash of styles both in terms of performance and production.  Wonder what they'll do next!

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